Jazz Performance and Education Centre
JPEC Celebrates 10 Years
Some accomplishments:
- Started a dialogue with the
  City for a permanent non-
  profit music/arts centre.

- Created a detailed plan to
  launch this hub.

- Brought together several
  non-profit organizations
  towards this goal.

- Delivered over 400 school
  outreach workshops.

- Presented over 50 tributes,
  concerts, and galas.

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JPEC School Outreach Program:
More Than Enrichment

School Outreach
Music education has always been an important part of JPEC’s thinking. Our Outreach Program in schools began in 2013 to expose young people to music in general, and jazz in particular.

Most workshops are comprised of two 45 minute workshops. Each can accommodate a small class or a whole school, depending on the need. They are led by top, professional musicians who are carefully selected and paid by JPEC at no cost to the schools.

With so much new research pointing to the benefits of music, your donation will help to provide students from Kindergarten through High school with interactive workshops with our top, professional musicians who are carefully selected and paid by JPEC at no cost to the schools.

We know that JPEC workshops work. We see it in the students' faces. We hear it from the teachers.

You can make a difference in a child's music life right now. 100% of your donation will go to the program.

One of JPEC’s Directors, Bill McDonald, a musician himself, wrote an article a few years ago about the value of music education. He quotes a CBC report on a study about the positive effects of music in child learning development.
  "The study by McMaster University, found particular changes in the attention systems of children who took music lessons, which affected their ability to pay attention to important things around them. The study says 'A child with a superior attention system will be able to apply that in different domains, so they'll be able to focus in on what's important in a verbal learning task, they'll be able to concentrate when figuring out a mathematical problem."

With so many children these days suffering from lack of concentration and focus, this study still makes a lot of sense. Read the whole article here.

Nathaniel Project by Toronto’s Ori Dagan
Promoted in Jazz Review

Ori Dagan

Ori Dagan -- jazz activist, writer, journalist, teacher and jazz musician -- is currently Toronto’s go-to expert on Nat King Cole. In October last year, Dagan released: Nathaniel: A Tribute to Nat King Cole, a collection of twelve music videos celebrating the legendary, honeyed-voice musician.

Dagan always knew that Cole was more than a voice, but his research took him deeper into the musician’s genius, including his piano playing and composing, his ground-breaking television show with the first African American host, and his international status as a recording artist in Italian, French and Japanese.

Ori's tribute to Nat King Cole was recorded by producer and engineer Doug Romanow at Noble Street Studios in Toronto. It includes 5 original pieces along with a fresh take on some of the musician’s famous hits such as Nature Boy and Unforgettable. Guests on the album include 88-year-young bebop legend Sheila Jordan, 5-time JUNO winner and two-time Grammy nominee Jane Bunnett and "Canada’s Sweetheart of Swing," Alex Pangman. Guitarist Nathan Hiltz co-wrote the 5 originals with Dagan and appears on all tracks, along with Mark Kieswetter on piano, Ross MacIntyre on bass.

Learn more at www.oridagan.com

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